About Us

At the Vander Company we have drawn together over 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication, construction and retail of stylish, luxury Campervans.

All the founding members of the company are seasoned Campervan Converts and have spent literally years out on the road, in their own Campers, chasing the ephemeral adventures that can often be found at the end of the road.

This time, spent on the road, has given us a unique insight into what works, and what doesn’t.  It has allowed us to refine our designs, and combined with modern fabrication technique, to produce beautiful, stylish Campervans that are robust and hardwearing, whilst being luxurious and maximising fully the space that is available.

Whether your surfing in Cornwall, skiing in the Sierra Nevada, climbing in the Dolomites, paddling down the Dordogne, or simply kicking back on a campsite with the family, we can provide you with a Campervan that will make you feel at home, even in the most hostile of places.

Our Vision

Our vision and ethos is a simple one – to produce stylish, luxurious, robust Campervans using the highest quality materials, whilst maximising every available space, and ensuring complete safety to our customers.

All our van conversions are produced using M1, crash-tested beds and pop-up.  All gas and electric installations are certified so you can be assured that every aspect of your Campervan is safe and sound.  We use the finest quality materials and fabrication techniques and never cut corners.  It is important to us that you and your family feel safe and secure in your mobile home. Where possible, we source materials locally, and always aim to support UK companies. We continually strive to minimise our environmental footprint and recycle what we can, where we can.

We also believe that the most amazing experiences and adventures are waiting at the end of the winding road.  We can provide you with an amazing Campervan, but you must write the rest of the story.  And we would love to hear about your trips and adventures, and how you found our Campervans.

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What makes us Different

The big things are important, like certified crash tested beds and roofs, but the little things also count:

  • AA-approved, quality, low-mileage vans.
  • Crash-tested Pop-Top with a wide range of canvas tent colours.
  • Fabworx M1 tested, Rock & Roll Beds for complete peace of mind when traveling with family.
  • Dodomat reflective, insulating, sound-deadening fitted to all all internal panelling and floor.
  • Recycled, environmentally friendly insulation used throughout.
  • Van floor is fully insulated, before being covered with waterproof Altro Safety Flooring or Karndean LVT for a robust and durable finish.
  • Windows and roof are cut out using Plasma cutting techniques for precision accuracy and minimal damage / warping.
  • CAD designed, bespoke internal units, CNC cut for a flawless fitting every time.
  • 15mm laminated marine ply used to construct every internal unit giving a beautiful, robust finish.
  • Sargent electrical consumer unit with certified electrics and soldered electrical connections for extended longevity.
  • Certified LPG gas installations for complete peace of mind.
  • Gas locker, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector fitted as standard to every van.